​The British Science Association (BSA; formerly known as the BA) envisages a society in which people from all walks of life are able to access science, engage with it and feel a sense of ownership about its direction. The BSA is a nationwide organisation, with Branches from Cornwall to Aberdeen and Regional Officers through the English regions and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The  BSA is a Registered Charity (No.: 212479 and SCO39236).


The Oxford Branch of the BSA regularly runs SciBar  and PubhD events. We also run one off events every so often including exhibitions and hands-on activities designed to involve people of all ages from our local community.

Thanks to our partnership with the Oxford  University Press we always have an eye on the latest science books released. This allows us to host the most popular authors on the market for our SciBar events!

Our Branch is entirely run by volunteers who give up their time to help promote public understanding of science. Events, website editing, podcasting and all other activities would not be possible without their efforts! There is always plenty of opportunities to volunteer with us, both regularly and occasionally! Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

​Chair – Mariangela Panniello
Secretary – Metta Pratt
Treasurer – Tracey Carter
Publicity – Liad Baruchin (all publicity inquiries should be submitted here)
Website Maintenance – Caroline Goddard
Social Media Officers – Hannah Allum
Podcasts Curator – Anita Nandi

COMMITTEE 2016/2017
Chair – Cristiana Vagnoni
Secretary – Metta Pratt
Treasurer – Tracey Carter
Publicity – Tracey Carter, Nivedita Natarajan
Website – Bernadeta Dadonaite‎, Caroline Goddard
Social Media Officer – Andy Hawkes
Venue Team Leader – Lucy Garner
Fundraising Officer – ‎Andy Hawkes
Outreach Officer – Bernadeta Dadonaite
Event Team – Iosifina Foskolou, Marcella Brescia
Graphic designer – Finn Strivens

COMMITTEE 2015/2016
​Chair – Amanda Coutts
Secretary – Susan Fotheringham
Treasurer – Samantha Warren
Publicity – Cheryl Chan
Social Media officers – Amanda Coutts, Steven Farkas
Events Team – Samantha Warren, Susan Fotheringham, Steven Farkas, Valerie Van Mulukom
Fundraising – Richard Collins
Website – Steven Farkas