Big Data, Big Future! exhibition – Frideswide Square – 10th October to 10th November

Whether it is about our health, social media habits, or shopping obsessions, almost every action we take leaves a digital footprint. The unprecedented availability of this vast amount of information is revolutionising the way we do science. This outdoor exhibition interprets how clinicians, computer and social scientists at the Big Data Institute and many other groups analyse large and complex sets of data. Explore how Big Data science could help advance our societies and improve our lives.

Organised by British Science Association, Oxford Branch and Big Data Institute, Oxford University

This is a free, drop-in exhibition, so you don’t need to book a ticket

Part of IF: Oxford Science and Ideas Festival.

Big Ideas on Broad St – 12th October 12pm-6pm

Science takes to the street with a selection of hands-on activities for all the family!!

Activities include:

From chocolate to drug discovery: amazing crystals (University of Oxford, Department of Biochemistry)

Understanding dementia and the brain (University of Oxford, Cognitive Neurology Group)

What confuses epidemiologists? (University of Oxford, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit)

Meat my planet – what goes into making a sausage? (University of Oxford, Livestock, Environment and People)

Cognitive games – how do we learn? (University of Oxford, Department of Experimental Psychology)

How medicines work – make your own! (University of Oxford, Department of Pharmacology)

Seeing invisible particles, the building blocks of the universe (University of Oxford, Department of Physics)

Science busking: Big Data, Big Future! (British Science Association, Oxford Branch / The Curiosity Box)

This is a drop-in event, so you don’t need to book a ticket

The event is free, but donations to IF Oxford are welcomed.

Part of IF: Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

IF: Oxford Science and Ideas Festival – 12th to 22nd October

The Oxford Science and Ideas Festival is coming to Oxford in October. There will be over 100 events happening across the city from 12th to 22nd October. Come and check out the vast number of talks, performances and interactive events covering a range of topics from nutrition to astronomy, computing to  history of science.

We are organising 3 events during the IF festival;

  • Big Data exhibition in Frideswide Square – 10th October – 10th November
  • Science busking on Broad St – 12th October 12pm-6pm
  • Scibar talk – How the Internet is changing our lives: from dating to politics – 17th October 7pm

For further information check out the IF festival website

SciBar – September 19th – Accidentally Exploring Antarctica: a ramble through 5 years of research at the bottom of the world

The Antarctic is our climate change early warning system. Studying climate here allows us to more accurately predict the extent of climate change in the rest of the world. However some of the most critical areas of the Antarctic are still largely inaccessible to scientific exploration. Dr David Jones will discuss his experience designing and deploying sensors over 5 Antarctic expeditions, in order to monitor the effects of global warming on icebergs and glaciers.