SciBar 14th February – Mathematics, Love and Romantic Guitar

They say you never forget your first love. David Acheson believes you never forget your first moment of real excitement in mathematics,
either. So why not join him for an informal and off-beat look at mathematics at its very best, with a bit of romantic guitar playing thrown in for good measure.

David Acheson is an Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, and author of the best-selling popular maths book ‘1089 and All That’, which has now been translated into 11 languages. His new book The Calculus Story was one of New Scientist’s ‘picks for Christmas’.


21st February PubhD

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Listen the three PhD students discussing their cutting edge research!

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The Behaviours of a Gene Implicated in Leukaemia – Dominic Owens


SciBar 17th January – Meerkats to moths: how animals behave and why

Join Dr Tristram Wyatt to discover how animal behaviour has evolved and how we can understand animal societies better. From molecular tools to developments in computing, new technologies have caused a revolution in the study of animal behaviour, allowing us to investigate in ways never previously possible. Tristram Wyatt is a senior research associate at the Zoology Department, University of Oxford and an emeritus fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford. The second edition of his book Pheromones and Animal Behavior won the Royal Society of Biology’s prize for the Best Postgraduate Textbook in 2014 and his TED talk on human pheromones has been viewed over a million times. His latest book is Animal behaviour: A Very Short Introduction, published by OUP in 2017.