2012 Podcasts

October – Prof Marian Stamp Dawkins – Why Animals Matter?

September – Prof Chris Summerfield – Believing is Seeing – How our minds shape what we see

August – Dr Alex Richardson – Getting the fats right: The role of nutrition in mood and behaviour

July – Prof Chris Cooper- Run, swim, throw, cheat: The science behind drugs in sport.

June – Dr Jan Zalasiewicz and Dr Mark Williams – The Goldilocks Planet: The four billion year story of Earths Climate

May – Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve – Happiness: Causes and consequences

April – Jocelyn Bell Burnell – The end of the world 2012

March – Dr Katie Warnaby – Pain: Is it all in the brain?

February – Professor Colin Blakemore – The War on Drugs, Can it be Won?

January – Dr Robin Owen – The Diamond Light Source