2013 Podcasts

December 2013 – Dr Andrew Wilkinson: “Forensic Science – Fact vs Fiction”
November 2013 – Dr Harry Witchel: “Can Body Language Save The World?”
October 2013 – Dr Frances Ashcroft – ‘The Spark of Life – Electricity in the human body’
August 2013 – Interview with Dr Mike Goldsmith – ‘Discord: the story of noise’
July 2013 – Dr Anne Osterrieder – “Of cells, plants and jellyfish”
June 26th 2013 – Dr Martin Christlieb and Dr Ruth Travis – “Coffee and Cancer: How do we know for sure?”
June 2013 – Dr Lewis Dartnell – “Astrobiology: The Hunt for Alien Life”
May 16th – Prof Charles Spence – “The body and the senses – do you know which body is yours?”
May 15th – Prof Chris Schofield – “Oxford Oxygen Stories: from penicillin to hypoxia sensing”
May 14th – Dr Sean O’Heigeartaigh – “Human Evolution: what does the future hold?”
April – Professor Michael Trimble – “Why Humans Like to Cry”
March – Dr Jim Bennett – “What do we want from a science museum…in Oxford?”
February – Dr Joey O’Gorman – “Creativity and Science”
January – Dr Sonia Contera – “Nanotechnology and Medicine” ​