2015 Podcasts

November 2015 – Dr. Helen Scales: ‘Spirals in Time: Exploring the Scientific Wonder of Seashells’

October 2015 – Dr. Matt Higgins: ‘Parasites: Masters of Disguise’

September 2015 – Dr. Martin Graff: ‘The Psychology of Romantic Attraction’

July 2015 – Chocolate and the Neuroscience of Depression – Dr Ciara McCabe

June 2015 – Dr Adam Levy: ‘Why I don’t ‘believe’ in climate change’

March 2015 – Professor Alison Woollard: ‘Worming Around for The Meaning of Life’

February 2015 – An evening of science comedy with Fran Day, Alison Woollard & Dean Burnett

January 21st 2015 – Professor Chris Ponting*: ‘In Your DNA: The Evolutionary Journey of our Genome’
*Professor Chris Ponting is a British computational biologist, specializing in the evolution and function of genes and genomes. He is currently Professor of Genomics at the University of Oxford and group leader in the MRC Functional Genomics Unit, and is affiliated with the Oxford Centre for Gene Function, and Oxford’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics.