Can you explain your PhD in the pub?

One night, 3 researchers, 3 topics…and few pints! PubhD was created in Leeds in 2014 as an unusual mix of PhD research and a night at the pub!

Come and listen to researchers in any academic discipline, from French Literature to Aerospace Engineering, talk about their work in an informal and relaxed environment. No previous knowledge needed!

Here is our format:

  1. Three researchers will each have 10 minutes to talk about their subject area to an interested audience in a pub.
  2. There will be up to 20 minutes of (friendly!) Q&A per speaker.
  3. Each speaker gets at least one pint (or other drink of their choice).
  4. A whiteboard/flip chart and coloured pens will be provided.

To know more, take a look at our past events!

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