Professor Stephen F. Goodwin: Sex, Flies and Videotape

Prof Stephen F. Goodwin (University of Oxford) will talk about the history and importance of the humble fruit fly, Drosophila, as a founding model for the field of behavioural neurogenetics. The fundamental question posed by the field of neurogenetics, is where do animal behaviours come from and how are they controlled by their genes? Stephen will discuss how the elaborate courtship ritual performed by the male fly has provided remarkable insights into how the neural circuitry underlying sexual behaviour, which is largely innate in flies, is built into the nervous system during development, and how this circuitry functions in the adult.

Come along to the Blue Room upstairs at St. Aldates Tavern on Monday 13th March at 7pm to find out more!

Missed it? No problem! Our podcast will be available for download shortly after the event. ​